The story of the month.

I can't imagine how long I didn't touch my blog since the last update! 
A whole long story for 1 month thingy?
 I guess you guys will rather look at the pictures instead of reading my super long passage just to know my past 1 month story! Lolx

Alright, let's start from....

The stage
Slide show-ing.
Guess whose sign was that? =P
From The Doctor - Valentino Rossi (Champion of Moto GP Malaysia 2010)
He's such a friendly person. I felt grateful that grabbed this chance to be his official umbrella Girl. Special thanks to Tangerine Model : Faris and Petronas!
Lorenzo - 99 ;) He is just cute! 
Above are all pictures I took from Petronas Moto GP Carnival at KLCC!
Sunday, the final day, I was at Sepang - The ever hottest place!
Reached there about 8am++ 
I was still dizzy and sleepy that time!

Me & another model from Fiat yamaha Team
Azi (Lorenzo's umbrella girl)
Thank you Jenny Foh tagged me this picture from Moto Gp Website! ;)

Okay! Now start the party story line (9/10) :

With my lovely monkey Joanne! 
At Roro's Birthday Party!

And here we go~ Zac's 101010 countdown birthday party!

After party side, now we have the most recent one!
Which happened today! (Sorry, I need to speed it up, else everybody will be bored with my blog =P)

The Epson Max economy Launch @ Rain Forest Pavillion!
Snap it while standby 
Getting ready! The face that slept only 1hour+ the night before!
No comment ;D

I can spot Jane K at somewhere nearby~ Lolx
Dior Pink Wedding Boutique album shoot with male model - Anson Tan

My friend saw my photos appeared at Midvalley Bridal fair
GTC Bridal Boutique Album shoot with male model - Kenneth Lim

Before I end my update today, I wish that all my friends around can stay away from danger. 
Live happily ever after.
God, please sweep off all the bad luck from us!
My beloved friend - Banana
Involved in a serious accident, may god bless her recover soon and join us again for non-stop chit chat at anywhere!
We love you!  ♥ JPJS ♥ 

Good night everyone! Gonna bed soon due to my exhausted body cannot stay up late tonight.
Thursday will off to Hong Kong...hope that the typhoon will go away before I arrive!!! 
Will try to do some update tomorrow if possible, see ya'll! 


I ♥ Hong Kong

Yeah, back from Hong Kong!
Didn't take much photo~ and most of them at someone's hand *wink*
I spot this very-the-cute mini cooper!!!

Ain't it adorable? Hehe

Sashimi time : Scallop & my favourite salmon!

Overall, I really only have this 2 pictures with me! Lol
Just a little update for my blog so that it won't be look like being neglected by it's OWNER! ;)
Gonna go outstation for 2 days so byebye everyone again! 
Moto Gp ( A big motorshow event is around the corner )
Are you get ready for the race? And to spot the great riders compete on the racing track? 
Got confirmation from Petronas that I got selected to be Valentino Rossi's umbrella girl this year! 
*If everything goes accordingly & smoothly*
What a pleasure! Hope to see you guys there! =D

28th September The Star (In Tech) pg 16 :

With Suesan, my bestie appeared in The Star newspaper!
It was the Sony Play Station Move Launch!  =)