VR1 show time!

Gonna fly to Hong Kong later! Happpyyyyyyy~

Just simply go through last night show @ Celebrity, Solaris Mont Kiara!
Is a launch for VR1.
Btw, I'm not really sure about the information about this event bue I'm pretty sure the show was well done!

Having korean cuisine as lunch with Jenny Foh at Sri hartamas!
And I accidentally found this meaningful picture!
* It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down resistance, sweeps away all the obstacles.*
What do you think about it? =P

Doing our makeup at the back stage!
I the RED dress! 
People around said that we are alike, really? LOL
Backstage scene that not everyone can experience it ;)
I caught the camwhore!!! XD
Overall I can said that our hair had been "fully style" by our stylist! :)
Our delicious dinner served by Tenji! Yummy ^^
What a blur pic... our boutique owner! 老板娘, teehee!
Here we go our gorgeous lady Chantelle Chuah! ;)
this so much! 
We are can't stop laughing at her ice-cream hairstyle XD
But what happened the next?
Here my turn! 0_0
3/4 done, and you can see my hair being styled similar to the previous 1~
Oh......my dear.......

Thank you for our Master to do such a superior hair style for us!
I'm the "higher & bigger" hair >.<"
Bigger? What do I mean by bigger? Or thicker?
No idea...Opps XD
Of course we need a group picture!
Overall I loved all the outfit on that night! Great show! 
Yeah, met my friend! Dwayne Foong, the famous commercial photographer! 
Chantelle giving a short speech ~
This was nice! magic show by Chantelle and her partner! ;)

Alright, will share sumore pictures over here!

With the boss!
Jenny Foh, Jane Kwan and Angie Lee (Model from Thailand)
She said this one got artistic feel! =D

Wooookay, might need to grab my luggage and fly for my 4-days holidays at Hong Kong! 
Miss ya'll and I'll be back soon!
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Take care and have a good day ahead! ^^
Bye bye.





这是好事! ;)
谢谢他,Mr.Oon Yeoh!
所有关于facebook & twitter 的用法及好处都列入在里面哦!

标题是:Like me, follow me.


左到右: Oon Yeoh (作者), Faris (经理人), Jane (Tangerine 模特儿), Dwayne Foong (摄影师), Shegar (造型师), Raja Mokhzairi (摄影师助理)

这是一本全新的杂志,我将会成为第一位feature model!


Party peoples gone wild in Hennessy Artistry Event 2010

Hennessy Artistry Event @ Mist Club, Bangsar 180910.
It was awesomely nice & hillarious!
Was arrived there about 11pm with Jenny Foh.
Met a lot of friends during the party! It was fun!
Because of ran out of time, so I failed to attend GSF Club Launch @ Garden.
A big muacks to you, my Jenny darling!

Oh Yeah, our lovely Marilyn was there too! 

The next, Belle, the pretty babe showed us a wink* ;)

The ladies~

The first time met Eva @ Party! She's adorable, isn't? =P

Here we got Allan & Marc with us! *peace*

Well, me & Jenny were left before the party end.
Due to the reason that I'm gonna work today, as Jenny was tired too.
Anyway, that was a pretty cool night!

Done an outdoor shoot again with fellow photographers.
Here are some pictures they just updated in FB!

The attitude! 

Hello Sunday!

This was a difficult place for me to do this shot!

And here are few studio shots with Terence & Jackie @ B&D Studio.

Jane.k in fair skin? =P

I was almost fall asleep during this session of shoot because of the SUPER-COMFORTABLE sleeping pose!

What do you think of this? Fierce? Lol

Alright, after all the photo sharing time, I need to stop here. 
I'm exhausted with the working days.
Need to take a rest and enjoy my night in my little room. 
Say peace to the night!
Before I leave, here's another photo pop-up in my mind!

The celebration birthday for Peggy & farewell for Suesan!
The fate guide us to meet someone we cherish & love.
Time fly fast and now Suesan is atteding SIA training @ S'pore!
May all the good luck will follow her in future and safe flight always!


Good night & goodbye all.
*Remember to follow me* Giggles.........


A simple welcome to my new home!

Oh yeah!
Welcome to my new-born & exciting blog!
Anyway, have to apologize to all my beloved friends and previous blog's followers.
Created a new blog that might need you guys to use 5-minutes to transfer my previous blog into this.
Forgive me please, I just feel the dissatisfaction about the OLD blog! Giggles*
Alright, let's get move with me in this blog!
Don't afraid to be a stalker here, I would like you all to keep viewing my new updates!
Btw, for tonight, I need a good sleep to welcome my tomorrow!
Will be working at The curve in the early morning.
Next, of course I'll be going for some events in KL!
Watch out!

There's a new-born club in KL again!
GSF Club Launch @ The Garden 6th floor (beside G6)
Another good news - there will be a FREE_FLOW session from 8pm-10pm!
Still hesitating?! Take action now!
Call +60126303266 (Zac) to book your table now!
Mention you are Jane's friend!
Enjoy your cool drink until drunk tomorrow! ;) cheerssss

Next, is the Henessy Artistry Event held in Mist Club, Bangsar!
How can we miss out such a BIG & Hilarious event in the year?
Come and join us to party!

*If you're lucky, can spot me in the two places!*
Hahaha, good night everyone! =D