Party peoples gone wild in Hennessy Artistry Event 2010

Hennessy Artistry Event @ Mist Club, Bangsar 180910.
It was awesomely nice & hillarious!
Was arrived there about 11pm with Jenny Foh.
Met a lot of friends during the party! It was fun!
Because of ran out of time, so I failed to attend GSF Club Launch @ Garden.
A big muacks to you, my Jenny darling!

Oh Yeah, our lovely Marilyn was there too! 

The next, Belle, the pretty babe showed us a wink* ;)

The ladies~

The first time met Eva @ Party! She's adorable, isn't? =P

Here we got Allan & Marc with us! *peace*

Well, me & Jenny were left before the party end.
Due to the reason that I'm gonna work today, as Jenny was tired too.
Anyway, that was a pretty cool night!

Done an outdoor shoot again with fellow photographers.
Here are some pictures they just updated in FB!

The attitude! 

Hello Sunday!

This was a difficult place for me to do this shot!

And here are few studio shots with Terence & Jackie @ B&D Studio.

Jane.k in fair skin? =P

I was almost fall asleep during this session of shoot because of the SUPER-COMFORTABLE sleeping pose!

What do you think of this? Fierce? Lol

Alright, after all the photo sharing time, I need to stop here. 
I'm exhausted with the working days.
Need to take a rest and enjoy my night in my little room. 
Say peace to the night!
Before I leave, here's another photo pop-up in my mind!

The celebration birthday for Peggy & farewell for Suesan!
The fate guide us to meet someone we cherish & love.
Time fly fast and now Suesan is atteding SIA training @ S'pore!
May all the good luck will follow her in future and safe flight always!


Good night & goodbye all.
*Remember to follow me* Giggles.........