The story of the month.

I can't imagine how long I didn't touch my blog since the last update! 
A whole long story for 1 month thingy?
 I guess you guys will rather look at the pictures instead of reading my super long passage just to know my past 1 month story! Lolx

Alright, let's start from....

The stage
Slide show-ing.
Guess whose sign was that? =P
From The Doctor - Valentino Rossi (Champion of Moto GP Malaysia 2010)
He's such a friendly person. I felt grateful that grabbed this chance to be his official umbrella Girl. Special thanks to Tangerine Model : Faris and Petronas!
Lorenzo - 99 ;) He is just cute! 
Above are all pictures I took from Petronas Moto GP Carnival at KLCC!
Sunday, the final day, I was at Sepang - The ever hottest place!
Reached there about 8am++ 
I was still dizzy and sleepy that time!

Me & another model from Fiat yamaha Team
Azi (Lorenzo's umbrella girl)
Thank you Jenny Foh tagged me this picture from Moto Gp Website! ;)

Okay! Now start the party story line (9/10) :

With my lovely monkey Joanne! 
At Roro's Birthday Party!

And here we go~ Zac's 101010 countdown birthday party!

After party side, now we have the most recent one!
Which happened today! (Sorry, I need to speed it up, else everybody will be bored with my blog =P)

The Epson Max economy Launch @ Rain Forest Pavillion!
Snap it while standby 
Getting ready! The face that slept only 1hour+ the night before!
No comment ;D

I can spot Jane K at somewhere nearby~ Lolx
Dior Pink Wedding Boutique album shoot with male model - Anson Tan

My friend saw my photos appeared at Midvalley Bridal fair
GTC Bridal Boutique Album shoot with male model - Kenneth Lim

Before I end my update today, I wish that all my friends around can stay away from danger. 
Live happily ever after.
God, please sweep off all the bad luck from us!
My beloved friend - Banana
Involved in a serious accident, may god bless her recover soon and join us again for non-stop chit chat at anywhere!
We love you!  ♥ JPJS ♥ 

Good night everyone! Gonna bed soon due to my exhausted body cannot stay up late tonight.
Thursday will off to Hong Kong...hope that the typhoon will go away before I arrive!!! 
Will try to do some update tomorrow if possible, see ya'll! 


I ♥ Hong Kong

Yeah, back from Hong Kong!
Didn't take much photo~ and most of them at someone's hand *wink*
I spot this very-the-cute mini cooper!!!

Ain't it adorable? Hehe

Sashimi time : Scallop & my favourite salmon!

Overall, I really only have this 2 pictures with me! Lol
Just a little update for my blog so that it won't be look like being neglected by it's OWNER! ;)
Gonna go outstation for 2 days so byebye everyone again! 
Moto Gp ( A big motorshow event is around the corner )
Are you get ready for the race? And to spot the great riders compete on the racing track? 
Got confirmation from Petronas that I got selected to be Valentino Rossi's umbrella girl this year! 
*If everything goes accordingly & smoothly*
What a pleasure! Hope to see you guys there! =D

28th September The Star (In Tech) pg 16 :

With Suesan, my bestie appeared in The Star newspaper!
It was the Sony Play Station Move Launch!  =)


VR1 show time!

Gonna fly to Hong Kong later! Happpyyyyyyy~

Just simply go through last night show @ Celebrity, Solaris Mont Kiara!
Is a launch for VR1.
Btw, I'm not really sure about the information about this event bue I'm pretty sure the show was well done!

Having korean cuisine as lunch with Jenny Foh at Sri hartamas!
And I accidentally found this meaningful picture!
* It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down resistance, sweeps away all the obstacles.*
What do you think about it? =P

Doing our makeup at the back stage!
I the RED dress! 
People around said that we are alike, really? LOL
Backstage scene that not everyone can experience it ;)
I caught the camwhore!!! XD
Overall I can said that our hair had been "fully style" by our stylist! :)
Our delicious dinner served by Tenji! Yummy ^^
What a blur pic... our boutique owner! 老板娘, teehee!
Here we go our gorgeous lady Chantelle Chuah! ;)
this so much! 
We are can't stop laughing at her ice-cream hairstyle XD
But what happened the next?
Here my turn! 0_0
3/4 done, and you can see my hair being styled similar to the previous 1~
Oh......my dear.......

Thank you for our Master to do such a superior hair style for us!
I'm the "higher & bigger" hair >.<"
Bigger? What do I mean by bigger? Or thicker?
No idea...Opps XD
Of course we need a group picture!
Overall I loved all the outfit on that night! Great show! 
Yeah, met my friend! Dwayne Foong, the famous commercial photographer! 
Chantelle giving a short speech ~
This was nice! magic show by Chantelle and her partner! ;)

Alright, will share sumore pictures over here!

With the boss!
Jenny Foh, Jane Kwan and Angie Lee (Model from Thailand)
She said this one got artistic feel! =D

Wooookay, might need to grab my luggage and fly for my 4-days holidays at Hong Kong! 
Miss ya'll and I'll be back soon!
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Take care and have a good day ahead! ^^
Bye bye.